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the best analysis of the last 50 years of US foreign policy

Ignacio Camuñas, con Pax Americana

“Manuel convincingly reproaches some US elites in charge of foreign policy for having forgotten on too many occasions and even having acted as traitors to the seminal ideals of the US in order to perpetrate aggressions, or intervening in an illegitimate manner in other countries’ affairs”.

Alejo Vidal-Quadras
Former Vice-President of the European Parliament


“The reader that is trapped by this book will surely be a most widely informed and conspicuous one. What it deals with is a thorough and well documented analysis of the different aspects of US foreign policy during the last decades”.

Ignacio Camuñas
Diplomat. Secretary for Relations with Parliament, Government headed by Adolfo Suárez in Spain.


Edited extended interview with Manuel López Linares at the Foreign Policy Association in the context of the Great Decisions 2018 annual series

 Don’t miss the interview with Manuel López-Linares, author of Pax Americana


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